Selenacup is a flexible menstrual cup made of high quality medical silicone.

Selenacup Zero has the instructions printed inside the box and comes with an organic cotton pouch.

Selenacup and Selenacup Aktiv come with an organic cotton pouch, instructions and a sterilizing container which can be used in the microwave.

How to pick the right size

The SELENACUP should form a light seal with the vaginal wall, should not slip and should be easy both to insert and to remove. The correct size of cup depends on the heaviness of your period and your anatomy. Height and weight do not play a part.
Things to consider when choosing the correct size:
Your period flow: If you have a light flow a small SELENACUP should be enough. Heavier periods may require a larger sized cup, so that they do not need to be emptied as frequently.
Your pelvic floor muscles: There are two types of SELENACUP: SELENACUP (SELENACUP ZERO has the same firmness as SELENACUP) and SELENACUP aktiv. The more active you are and the more toned your pelvic floor muscles, the harder your menstrual cup should be in order to create a seal and avoid leakage. To determine which type of SELENACUP is right for you, insert a clean finger into your vagina and squeeze your muscles as if you were trying to suck your finger up. If you feel a light tap or gentle squeeze, then the classic SELENACUP is the one for you. If however, you are able to squeeze your finger tightly for more seconds with your muscles, especially if you regularly do exercise such as biking, riding, Pilates, belly dancing or ballet, then we recommend the SELENACUP active.
The location of your cervix: This will determine whether you need a longer or shorter menstrual cup. Insert a clean finger into your vagina until you come across something that feels like the tip of your nose or the tip of a penis. If you were able to fit a whole finger in before you felt your cervix (or you couldn’t feel anything as your cervix is higher then can be reached with your finger), you will need a large or medium cup. If you only fit half of your finger in, try a medium or small. If you can reach your cervix by only fitting in your first finger joint you need a small SELENACUP. If the smallest size is still too big for you, you can turn it round, so the ring is inside your cup or you can cut off the ring and file down the sides.
These are the three things to consider when choosing the correct size of SELENACUP for you.
If you are unsure which size is the right for you, don’t hesitate to write to us. We are happy to help!

Selenacup is much more than a product. Our mission is to support women in every period of their life. We create a community of women who are active, open to changes, making conscious choices, who not only take care of themselves, but also of their dreams, fulfilling their passions and living in harmony with themselves. We are driven by optimism. By the conviction of female potential to achieve happiness and self-fulfilment. We believe that every woman can experience best period of her life if only she dares to follow her inner voice. That’s our wish for you and in that quest we cheer for you.