• Sarah
    Never liked pads always felt unclean with them. Tampons dried out a lot of my vaginal flora and I got infections at times. Thrush being one of them. Since using the Cup this no longer happens so very happy.
  • Amy
    I found it fantastic! First benefit: I found it unfolded in place better than the cup I was currently using, less twisting to make sure the seal was there and secure. Second benefit: the little loop at the bottom is much much better than the pokey thing from other cups.
  • Katie

    After using the Selenacup for awhile I will not ever go back to Tampons. My cramps have decreased and I am saving a lot of money. The first two months were a little different to get used to but once I figured the technique that works best for me. C-Fold and over the Toilet every months get’s better. I bought myself a Medium but actually tried the Large as well for the heavy day’s and with the two in combination having a period has become less of a pain...

  • Emma
    Using Selenacup for the first time wasn’t easy, I thought it kept leaking so I contacted Selenacup online. The Team gave me a full consultation and gave me many tips and tricks. After making sure the cup fully unfolded I have no further leaks and are loving my cup every period more. Becomes your little buddy during those days.
  • Victoria
    I love swimming and being outside. I would always had to change straight after I finished my swim as the Tampon started to leak after. Not with the Selenacup, I can just go on as normal. The worst for me was thinking where to put my tampon when we go to the beach and we like going places where there are no public toilets. I never liked the thought of bringing it back with me but also didn’t want to leave it there. Now I just empty out my cup give it quick rinse with the water I brought with me and pop it back in.
  • Maria
    Changing over from Tampons to Selenacup was one of the best decisions I have ever made. This is the part I can do to be eco friendly.