what is selenacup?
Opakowanie Selenacup
what is selenacup?
Selenacup is a flexible menstrual cup made of high quality medical silicone. It is a comfortable, safe, healthy and environment-friendly alternative to tampons and pads.
Selenacup provides discrete and comfortable protection during menstruation – up to 8 hours without a change. One menstrual cup can serve you for several years.
Advantages of using Selenacup
  • health
    A healthy, antiallergic alternative to tampons and pads made of a safe material that does not unbalance the natural pH of the vagina.
  • price
    In comparison with other, disposable products for intimate hygiene, Selenacup can be used for several years. The cost of one Selenacup is usually paid off after three to four months.
  • comfort
    Selenacup has more capacity than a tampon or pad. Making it possible for you to empty it less frequent than changing a pad or a tampon.
  • ecology
    Due to the fact that you can use your cup for several years, you are reducing your environmental foot print enormously making a huge contribution in saving our planet which is being swamped by waste.
how to use?
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If you have any questions about Selenacup,
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which size to choose?
S size
M size
L size

There are several factors to consider when choosing the right size of Selenacup: your period flow, your pelvic floor muscles, the location of your cervix.
Read more about it in our FAQ section.

our manifesto

Welcome to the world of Selenacup
With you in mind, we have created an exceptional menstrual cup, made of medical silicone, a modern alternative to tampons and pads. Our product is good for your health, for your wallet and for the planet. You do not have to generate useless trash every month, you can reach for a product that is completely safe for your health as well as save quite a lot, choosing one cup instead of many products for intimate hygiene every month.

  • Sarah
    Never liked pads always felt unclean with them. Tampons dried out a lot of my vaginal flora and I got infections at times. Thrush being one of them. Since using the Cup this no longer happens so very happy.
  • Amy
    I found it fantastic! First benefit: I found it unfolded in place better than the cup I was currently using, less twisting to make sure the seal was there and secure. Second benefit: the little loop at the bottom is much much better than the pokey thing from other cups.
  • Katie

    After using the Selenacup for awhile I will not ever go back to Tampons. My cramps have decreased and I am saving a lot of money. The first two months were a little different to get used to but once I figured the technique that works best for me. C-Fold and over the Toilet every months get’s better. I bought myself a Medium but actually tried the Large as well for the heavy day’s and with the two in combination having a period has become less of a pain...

period calculator
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