what is selenacup?
Selenacup is a flexible menstrual cup made of high quality medical silicone. It is a comfortable, safe, healthy and environment-friendly alternative to tampons and pads.
Selenacup provides discrete and comfortable protection during menstruation – up to 8 hours without a change. One menstrual cup can serve you for several years.
Advantages of using Selenacup
  • health

    Selenacup is antiallergic and it does not disturb the balance of the natural vaginal environment. It has a smooth surface, so it does not leave bacteria-proliferating fibres. By using our cup, you can avoid fungal and bacterial infections caused by tampons which dry out the vagina and also leave fibres. Unlike pads, Selenacup does not contribute to creating conditions favourable for infections – moisture, increased temperature and limited access of air.
    Did you know that in order to whiten tampons and pads chlorine is used, and to disinfect them – harmful chemicals? Our cup has been made of the best quality silicone, produced only for medical purposes. It does not contain any chemical additives, plasticisers, latex, protein, phthalates, nonylphenols, pvc, bpa or perfume.
    Always make sure you keep the cup as clean as possible, so the vaginal flora remains in equilibrium.

  • price

    Selenacup is reusable. You can use it for many years and the investment pays off after as few as four months.

  • comfort

    The cup does not have to be emptied as frequently as you need to replace tampons or pads. It is more capacious. Depending on how abundant your menstruation is, you can use it without emptying for approximately 8-12 hours.
    The cup is ideal both for the days of more intensive bleeding and for the last, less abundant days. You do not have to worry about the supplies of hygienic products for different purposes and of different capacities, because you always use one cup. Its huge advantage is the possibility of using it also at night, without worrying that it will leak. You do not worry about utilising the used hygienic products either as the cup, after being emptied and rinsed with water, is immediately ready to be used again.
    The cup adjusts itself to the vaginal walls, it is soft and flexible, thanks to which you cannot feel it and it is comfortable to use. It is leakproof. It will make you feel more comfortable and cleaner. It does not emit the unpleasant odour of blood. You can use it without worries while swimming, fitness trainings, horse riding, cycling, climbing or doing other sports.
    The cup takes much less space than a supply of dispensable pads or tampons. It is more comfortable e.g. during your trips.

  • ecology

    By choosing Selenacup you take care of our planet, because you do not contribute to producing gigantic amounts of waste which is hard to decompose. One cup can be used for several years.
    According to statistics women throw out millions of pads and tampons every year, releasing a lot of toxic substances during the decomposition process.

how to use?

If you have any questions about Selenacup,
feel free to contact us.

which size to choose?
S size
M size
L size

There are several factors to consider when choosing the right size of Selenacup: your period flow, your pelvic floor muscles, the location of your cervix.
Read more about it in our FAQ section.

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